The Lincoln Navigator Incorporates Modern Technology into Its Cutting-Edge Design

The Lincoln Navigator has been made with advanced technology to offer drivers like you in Alexandria a better driving experience. This technology can give you the safety, reliability and practicality that you deserve during your time behind the wheel.

The speed-sensitive adaptive LED headlamps shine like sparkling jewels while emitting the right amount of light for you to see clearly. When you’re driving at lower speeds, a wider beam of light will be emitted while longer beams are cast at higher speeds. These headlamps are made to last the life of the vehicle and will likely never need replacing.

When you check out one of the Lincoln Navigators that we have here at Hixson Lincoln and go for your test drive, you can also try out the state-of-the-art Revel Ultima Audio System. The audio system provides you with a live-music listening experience. Twenty separate speakers have been placed in the right areas throughout the vehicle to produce the clearest sounds.


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