Test Your Battery's Voltage

A voltmeter is a device that measures the amount of voltage a battery has. You can use this device to test your car battery. If your vehicle is having difficulty starting, it may be a battery issue. Buy or borrow a voltmeter. Grab some goggles and rubber gloves, then let's get started.

Make sure your car and its lights are turned off. Place the positive connector from the voltmeter on the positive terminal of the battery. Then, put the negative connector on the negative terminal. Check the voltmeter reading. If it's 12.4 volts or above and the battery is holding a charge, it should be good.

However, if the battery is below 12.0 volts, is five years or older, or is not holding a charge, you need to get it checked. Set an appointment at the service department at Hixson Lincoln. We'll test it and recommend a replacement if needed.


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