Roof Racks for Your Vehicle

If you need extra cargo space or a way to carry items that won't fit in your vehicle, Hixson Lincoln can get you outfitted with a roof rack for your car or truck. There are many advantages to having a rack when driving around Alexandria, LA, and we'll make sure yours fits your vehicle properly.

Each car and truck have a maximum weight rating for its roof. Racks also have a weight rating, and you'll need to understand both numbers before loading cargo onto your rack. When driving, certain rack accessories require lower speeds. Many will have a maximum speed rating that will keep them from getting damaged by the wind.

When not using your rack, removing it will increase the gas mileage of your car. Putting copper grease on the bolts will keep them lubricated and make them easy to remove. You'll have to tighten all bolts to the correct torque.

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