How to Tell if You Need Winter Tires or All-Season Tires This Holiday Season

At Hixson Lincoln, we have many Alexandria drivers that ask about which type of tires are best for their winter traveling needs. Read further to learn if your vehicle needs winter tires or all-season tires.

The type of tires that you need will depend on the conditions where you drive. If you need to drive in a place that only gets light snowfall, all-season tires may be the right option. Winter tires are more appropriate for areas that have heavy snowfall, black ice, and icy roads.

When you're having winter tires mounted, be sure to install a full set. If you only change out the front tires, then it will increase the chances that the rear tires skid. When winter tires are only put on the rear wheels, the front tires can lose traction and make it difficult for you to steer your vehicle. If you choose winter tires, have new tires mounted in the spring because winter tires will wear down quickly on dry, warm pavement.


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