Drive Safely in Wind and Rain

Driving in the rain presents many risks. Oil and other impurities mix with rainwater to create slick conditions. The presence of heavy winds further creates hazards for drivers. Anyone driving in these conditions must employ tremendous care.

Driving at a safe speed is the most obvious safe-driving step to take. You don't want the vehicle to hydroplane. Don't follow other vehicles too closely, either. The vehicle's braking becomes compromised on wet surfaces. Be sure the car's headlights are on. This way, you gain better visibility on the road.

Wind conditions further add dangers to the already difficult rain troubles. Drive with alertness and great care when traveling through areas known for strong gusts. Keep your hands on the wheel. Wind can literally move the car, so a firm grip is vital.

At Hixson Lincoln, our service pros can perform necessary repairs and maintenance. Drive confidently after our mechanics fix your vehicle.



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