The Lincoln MKX is an Example of Auto Luxury

By their very nature, crossovers offer so much versatility. When going with a crossover, though, you certainly don't have to miss out on the finer things. The Lincoln MKX is packed with features that make it a stylish ride and fun to drive. It's a great addition to our lineup of Lincoln vehicles at Hixson Lincoln of Alexandria.

From the moment you walk up to your car with key fob in hand, it'll sense your presence and will start welcoming you back. Exterior lights will illuminate and a Lincoln logo will be projected next to the driver's seat. As you close the door, the mirrors will automatically fold out, helping you get set for the road.

Inside the cabin, you can choose from seven different ambient light settings so that you can strike the perfect mood. You can also opt to open up the available panoramic Vista Roof to get some fresh air.



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