The Lincoln MKC Offer Luxury and Performance

The MKC is popular with families and individuals desiring a luxurious crossover. The Lincoln car is also built for performance. Whether you want the vehicle for daily commutes or for extended recreational road trips, the MKC is capable. See what the crossovers have to offer by venturing to our Lincoln sales facility.

The adaptive cruise control technology works in combination with sensors that continually monitor traffic speed. The vehicle effortlessly slows down and resumes speed automatically to match the flow. A heads-up display on the windshield provides a visual alert in the event that sensors detect the potential for a front-end collision. The brake assist system ensures you have the slowing or stopping power you need.

The MKC's all-wheel-drive system intelligently monitors the vehicle's traction between the tires and the road. The wheels receive more torque individually, in the front or in the rear as needed to ensure optimal handling and prevent sliding. Take an MKC for a drive at Hixson Lincoln.



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